1. Different countries line-ups.

  2. Entering to the theatre hall like olympics !

  3. We “marched in” before the Grand Opening in the theatre !

  4. Our first performance here, kindly drag to the middle for harmonica performance.

    Thanks for watching :)

  5. We were asked to have photos together with the bride and groom before we leave, our leader left few words for the horse riding place.

    離開前, 家屬讓我們與新人倆合照,之後騎馬場當局要求隊長”寫紀念册”。

  6. I thought just to experience riding the house with 3 round, we ended up with 1 hours.


  7. We met the bride and groom !
    It was nice to see such happiness pictures !

    等我騎馬騎過癮以後,騎馬場多出了一種不一樣的氛圍 -

  8. Outside of the Riding Horse place.
    The organizer treated us as VIP, but to visiting the place for local citizens, they have to line-up dicipline-ly.


  9. This was the 1st place to visit.
    Because the president Kim Chon Un loves riding horse very much, this is his idea to build for his citizens.


  10. This is the hotel room of mine. I stay alone in one room, so spacious.
    Check it out the Hair Dryer cum Hand Dryer ! (The one which has blue cover)